The most important textual changes are currently being implemented. Unfortunately, we have not yet fully adapted all accommodation in accordance with the description and it can occur that pictures are not completely up to date. 

10th anniversary - time for a change

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year we decided to change/ refresh our concept with effect from next season (2019). We would like to enhance the experience of our guests by continuing on a smaller scale. This means back to a more personal approach in the B&B, less 1 night visits and more focus on countryside and tranquility. Just like we started.

Even for us it is important to downscale and to become more sustainable. As the waterlevels are low, as we suffer drought, it doesn’t feel good to wash bedlinen and towels only used one night. Or that we have to buy vegetables in the store because we simply do not have enough time to sow, pull weeds, fertilze or harvest. Our permacultural way of living in combinatiion with a B&B, self catering apartments and a café/ eatery has reached it’s limits.

As soon as we finalized our thoughts we will provide rates and details again, update the website and open for booking. We aim to complete this in the beginning op next year.

NEW in 2019

weekly rentals; our cottages Smultron and Lupin can be rented for one or two weeks now for weekly rates. We will update the website/ bookingsystem on short notice. Want to book now? Please contact us via

the café/ eatery is closed from now on and as a selfcatering guest you can no longer make use of the breakfast buffet in the main building. We are working on alternatives as a breakfast basket, communal kitchen or an upgrade of the appartments.

INSTAGRAM #lanthotelllidhem

On #lanthotelllidhem you can find the latest pictures of Lidhem. The birth of 4 lambs, the arrival of the pigs and more. Please take a look and add your own pictures!

OUR MENU may 9th- 16th

This weeks menu:

We also published our barmenu and take away menu on our site. Check it out: menu


At this moment we are working on a new menu. This year we plan to offer a ’barmenu' on a daily base in the high season (22 June-11 Aug) and a 'menu of the day’ on thursday-tuesday (so not on wednessdays).

The menu of the day we offer as a ’solo', served on a plate, or as a 'family menu' where we serve the meal in bowls and everyone can take what and how much he likes. Just like at home.

Outside the high season we offer a 'menu of the day' and on Friday and Saturday you can also chose from the ’barmenu'. To optimize the planning and reduce the amount of food waste, we would like our guests to pre-order the menu of the day before June 22 and after August 11.

In addition, we are thinking of organizing a couple of  'grillevents' with meat and veggies from our own garden. When? That depends, among other things, of the weather. We inform our you about this on our website and in the newsletter that we sent a couple of days before arrival.


In the beginning of november we attended the yearly meeting at the tourist office where we summarized last season with our colleagues.  According to the guest reviews the Vimmerby Tourist Office collected in cooperation with Astrid Lindgrens Värld the tourist are in general happy or even very happy with their visit. That matches our guest reviews. Accessibility in general and signage are some of the issues we have to put more effort in. 


We decided to take a step further and adapt the site for mobile devices. A new design, hope you like it.


We are now updating our website bit by bit for next season. Therefor it is possible that not all information on our site is complete/ accurate at this moment. Some links will not work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter problems or have questions.

We must be the change we wish to see   Ghandi